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In my work, I illustrate my craft. Then I illustrate my communication with God. If the viewer is transported, then the job is done. It’s not meant to be arrogant. It is the job of the artist to get her direction from a higher source and translate it into matter. 

Born in Greece, Stiliani spent her childhood between the island of Kefalonia and the city of Athens, finding herself between the worlds of nature and architecture - the past and the present. 

Her influences continued as she would almost always wonder away from her mother in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Antiquity wing toward African art where she was fascinated and later consumed with African Masks. As a teenager she wandered Chinatown, Manhattan on her way to all artist's first love Pearl Paint. Here, she drew inspiration from cobblestone alleys and what she considers decorative fire escapes. She later studied Fine Arts with a Concentration in Ceramics at SUNY New Paltz, learning both ancient and  modern techniques. The duality of influences and practice continue to be expressed through her works, including her studio’s crafted wares for Ellen Degeneres’ new line, ED, and the suspended installation in the lobby of the 1Hotel Central Park as well as a 15 foot chandelier in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel in Curacao. She is also an exceptional citizen :) . 

Stiliani is based in Brooklyn, NY, where she works with her assistant/Sheepadoodle, Elvis.

2020- Custom Light fixtures. Gem Restaurant. NYC​, New York, USA

2019 - Chandelier. 15ft, 30 pieces.   Renaissance Hotel, Willemstad, Curacao. Lobby

2019 - Light projection Installation 22 Inch Diameter Renaissance Hotel, Willemstad,


2018 -  Fell in love.

2017 - Hanging Ceramic Art Installations in Ballroom and meeting space

               Renaissance Airport Hotel, St Louis

2017- Awarded Best in American Made at New York Javitz Center, NYC, USA


2017 - Exhibit CERAMICA wares at Summer NYNOW Javitz Center, NYC, USA

2016 - Feature Interview  Boutique Design Magazine Exit Interview October 2016

2016- Exhibit CERAMICA wares at Winter NYNOW Javitz Center, NYC, USA

2015- Exhibit Curse The Darkness Show, Sight Unseen Design Week, Chelsea, NYC, USA

2015 - Permanent Hanging Installation at 1Hotel Central Park South. Multi- thrown

              porcelain rings at 23 inch diameter, suspended from ceiling in Lobby. NYC

2014 - Speaker at GE Headquarters implemented workshops with CEOs and World's top

             Engineers to incorporate Artist mind into problem solving. New York, USA

2014- Stilclay Studio Featured in New York Magazine 12 2014

2013 - Founder , Teacher at Stilclay - Art Studio Brooklyn, NY . USA

2012 – Exhibited Color Talk - Chasama Art Space 217 E. 42nd St., Manhattan.

2004 - Awarded first (and only)  Ceramics award . W. C. Bryant H.S. Queens, NY USA

2000 - Exhibited in Lobby Gallery at Wasserstein Parella Building. NYC. NY USA

2000 - Awarded Discovery award and scholarship* from Arts Connection Visual Arts 

              program NYC NY USA.

                *scholarship never pursued. 


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